Diluting the Distinct (2 Kings 14:1-16:20)

Pastor Travis CardwellPastor Travis Cardwell, March 24, 2013
Part of the The Past is Prologue (Kings) series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

Friends, as we linger over the devastation of this time period and the shortfall of every king I’m reminded even more of our need for a different King. Rather than seeking to establish his own kingdom at the expense of others, Jesus humbly rode in Jerusalem, lowly and gentle coming to save his people. Rather than promoting and participating in idolatry and false worship, Jesus cleansed the temple by driving out the money changes and overturning the tables. Rather than suppressing the people, Jesus came and healed the blind and the lame demonstrating a kingship that no one had ever seen. Jesus came to save sinners and to reconcile us to God. Friends, as we near our celebration of Easter, live your life in allegiance to King Jesus and marvel the blood-bought amnesty he secured as went to the cross and conquered the grave.

Tags: 2 Kings 14-16; True Savior; Functional saviors

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