Signs of Life (2 Kings 10:1-11:20)

Pastor Travis CardwellPastor Travis Cardwell, March 10, 2013
Part of the The Past is Prologue (Kings) series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

This week, we continue to see the devastation of God’s judgment on the family of Ahab. God’s anointed King, Jehu is the on the war path, and Jezebel and two kings of Israel and Judah have already been taken out. This week, he turns his attention to the rest of the house of Ahab in Samaria, in a scene that looks like it could be taken out of the Godfather, or ancient war movie set in Sparta. Nevertheless, God’s word stands firm and his judgment remains inescapable. But, there are some surprises. Jehu may take his role as God’s hit man a little too far. His zeal may not be rooted in God after all, but more in himself. Could the judge be placed under judgment? And in other news, the queen of Judah (self-appointed), murders her entire family to ensure her place in the royal line . . . at least she thought she did. One young boy escaped the sword and was raised undercover, until he was paraded out and crowned king at the ripe old age of 7. There is still hope in Judah for a Messiah.

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