God's Gracious Pursuit of a Rebellious Prophet (Jonah 1:1-17)

Pastor Billy NewhousePastor Billy Newhouse, April 22, 2012
Part of the Oceans of Mercy series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

You're probably familiar with the story. Nineveh was wicked. Jonah was a prophet. God called Jonah to preach to the wicked people and Jonah fled. If we're honest, not only are we familiar with Jonah's story, but we're also familiar with our own accounts of similar reactions to God's calling. Jonah rebelled against God's clear word. Have you ever turned your back on God's command because of your own inclinations and desires? Jonah thought he could flee the presence of the Lord. Have you ever operated out of a similar line of thought-that God was unaware or unconcerned with your actions against Him? Jonah boasted of "fearing the Lord" while he was on a ship heading in exactly the opposite direction that God had called him to. Can you relate? I hope that you will join us on what is one of the most memorable and powerful stories in all of Scripture. The main point of this book is not a giant fish, or a big storm, or even Jonah's rebellion. The main point is a pursuing, forgiving, relentless, gracious and powerful God. We hope you'll walk away from this series freshly affected by the oceans of mercy that God has poured out for you.

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