Helpless: The Secret of Strength (2 Kings 19:1-37)

Pastor Travis CardwellPastor Travis Cardwell, April 28, 2013
Part of the The Past is Prologue (Kings) series, preached at a Sunday Morning service

As we continue in 2 Kings this week we return to King Hezekiah and an unsettling situation for him and Judah. Sennacherib, the king of Assyria, was threatening to invade and destroy Judah. At this time the Assyrians were the unyielding terrorists who known for their cruelty. They had conquered many nations, even nations stronger than them, and Judah was next on their list. Hezekiah receives an encouraging word from Isaiah, but Sennacherib responds by sending a letter to Hezekiah calling God’s trustworthiness into question along with telling him how inept the other nation’s gods were against their military strength. Here Hezekiah has a choice. He can either continue trusting in the Lord or he can allow Sennacherib’s words to push him away from the Lord and to look to other things. Hezekiah never flinches and although he night feel helpless at this moment he knows he must go to the Lord – his Strength, his Strong Tower, his very present Help in time of need. So Hezekiah takes the letter he receives and spreads it before the Lord and prays to God – praising him for His character and pleading for deliverance. The Lord honors Hezekiah’s prayer and displays His supreme power and glory by killing 185,000 Assyrians without any of them entering into the city! 

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