Unpacking the scriptures in context

We understand that God’s people are hungering and thirsting for God’s truth, not our ideas or philosophies. We want to be molded, washed and sanctified by the word of God, that we might know and worship our Savior and seek to proclaim the news of life that he brings. At Redeemer, we believe in the importance of expositional preaching—that is, preaching that explains the meaning of a passage in its context.  In such preaching, the point of the passage becomes the point of the message.  This passage is applied to our lives today.  As a church devoted to expository preaching, we believe that all of Scripture is profitable.  So, we see great value in preaching sequentially through books of the Bible.  We believe amazing things will happen under expository preaching.  People can hear the voice of God speaking to them, true spiritual growth occurs and people are conformed to God’s image week in and week out.