Meaningful Membership

Since we believe that the church is a display of God’s glory, membership at Redeemer is more than just a title, or a signed card. We encourage our members not to give into the temptations of consumerism so prevalent in the society in which we live, but rather to become providers and servants in the body of Christ. We encourage our members to actively participate in each other’s lives seeking to experience the full counsel of God through intimate fellowship among saints. This includes accountability to God, to one another, and to our neighbors around us to walk together in a gospel fellowship, by the power of the Spirit, for God’s glory.

We believe that “when a person becomes a Christian, he doesn’t just join a local church because it’s a good habit for growing in spiritual maturity. He joins a local church because it’s the expression of what Christ has made him—a member of the body of Christ. Being united to Christ means being united to every Christian. But that universal union must be given a living, breathing existence in the local church.” –Mark Dever, What is a Healthy Church?