Care Groups

Join us in building a Gospel Community! Are you a self-sufficient Christian? Would you consider yourself to be mature in the faith? Do you trust your own assessment of yourself? Do you desire to communicate with others about what God is doing in your life?

Care Groups at Redeemer are not designed just for Bible study. Lord willing, that happens each Sunday morning in Sunday school and in our corporate gathering for worship. Care Groups are mainly designed for the application of the Word of God to our lives! We are seeking to avoid being like the man James describes as looking at himself in the mirror and, after walking away, forgetting what he looked like! We hope that you will make this pastoral arm of the church a priority as we walk through life together, seeking to build a gospel community.

Care Groups meet on the 1st and 3rd weeks of each month. If you are interested in joining a Care Group, talk to one of the Elders to get plugged in to one in your area! If you’re a member of another fellowship, we’ll help you get started building edifying personal relationships within your church. If you’re not a member of any church, contact us and we’ll help you learn the value of having a relationship with God and His people.

Sugar Land/Stafford, Wednesdays at 6:30PM
Contact: Collin Garbarino (
Houston, Fridays at 6:00PM
Contact: Jason Allison (
Sugar Land
Sugar Land, Fridays at 6:30PM
Contact: Mark Jacob (
Westchase, Sundays at 4:00PM
Contact: Billy Newhouse (
Greatwood, Sundays at 5:00PM
Contact: David Foley (